Monday, October 5, 2009

A Day In The Sun

After a weekend of rain, today Les and I headed out into the woods, to the back of our property, to see the fall foliage along the brook. How I love the smell of the woods, the cedar and pine, the wet dirt and composting leaves....all speckled with sun light. I swear I am going to head there in the spring to capture it all plein air....but this year I will work from photos taken today. I am busy with commissions now and upcoming shows, so my landscape work is going to have to wait.
It was a very healing peaceful experience this morning.....I needed it. We should all be so blessed to have a chance to venture into The Lord's woods.

On our way back, as we cut through our spruce grove at the back of our pastures, we have upon this fairies ring of mushrooms. I don't know the name of these mushrooms, or how fatal they might be...but I am sure that there are fairies somewhere near this spot that dance in the night with the deer and other wildlife looking on. At least that vision came to mind upon discovery of this ring!

Now back in my studio to work on a watercolor commission the rest of the day, I feel refreshed from my day in the sun.


Lisa G. said...

I love the woods too. We used to live in Quincy very close to the Blue Hills conservation area. There's a road that goes through some of it. It's a beautiful drive. Have stopped here and there to taken in woods/nature and take pics.
Such peace. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa G.

Gail said...

Your photos and your paintings are amazing!