Monday, October 12, 2009

Painting A Bit & Getting Ready For Winter A Lot

The last few days we have been busy battening down the hatches here on Cob Cottage farm in anticipation of winter and cold days ahead. It will come faster than we think...and I have more than a few gardens and window boxes to to cleaned and put to bed. It all cannot be done in one day. I am thinking this gardening frenzy that hits me each spring needs to be rethought and curbed a bit.
Control is not a operative word when it comes to me and gardening.!!

I am really almost done with the casein [30 x 40"] of the Blonde Belgians....this is how it stands today. The sketch of this painting has been sold and I need to ship that out this week. I am done with the drawing at this point and the painting can be finished without me referring to the drawing. I have many clients interested in purchasing my work sketches...a rather non expensive way of collecting my work.

The fall colors surround the farm. The below shot is from our deck.... of our fields...our barn. Soon the color will be gone and gray will prevail until the white and blue of snow covered winter landscape surrounds us. The scene new fails to remind us our blessed we are to be living in this spot in the middle of this natural splendor.

That reminds me.... I have 50 Narcissus bulbs waited to be planted before much for control of gardens!

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Gail said...

Your art is so wonderful. I can hear them breathing.