Monday, October 26, 2009

Joining the Ranks of Plein Aire

First let me say that I am NOT a plein aire painter, even though I love being outside and in fresh air basking in the sun's rays. But I do not like bugs, wind blowing my easel over,or being watched while I paint [especially by wild animals.] But so many of my friends are into plein aire work and suggested that I give it a try...
So from the comfort of my deck, with food and drink..... and warmth just a step away...I ventured out to do a 12 x 12" casein painting of my daily view here at Cob Cottage in the October sun. I am not a fast the light changed several times I am sure, during my plein aire foray....and this is what I am left with . What do you think?

I will photograph it straight on and clearer, if you think it is worth it.....or should I stick to the studio and never venture outside again?

The real problem I have with a landscape like this, is that there is too much information for my brain to absorb...and I don't know where to stop or even start. My approach with most of my work is always focused on a subject...and very composition and design orientated. The good Lord's work of painting and capturing the landscape is WAY TOO BIG for me.

But, I may try it again sometime soon, maybe...


Nancy Medina said...

Kathi, this is an excellent start, I must admit plein air is a huge challenge for me, give me a little bowl of limes any day of the week instead! : ) keep painting talented lady, you are awesome.
Nancy and the puggies

Kpeters said...

Thanks,Nancy..make mine horses...LOL
But I may do more next spring.There is a sort of 'freedom' in the whole outside experience!
Love your Pug Mugs!

Linda Shantz said...

I think it's great, Kathi! I can certainly relate though - it's tough, filtering all that information! I hope you have a spot indoors where you could still do some winter paintings!