Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Blonde Belgians

Finally this painting is done...a casein on canvas...30 x 40" and Titled "Beautiful Blonde Belgians".... painted from a photo that I took at a local fair this summer. We spent that day watching the draft pulling teams and eating blooming onions and blueberry pie. All rites of summer in Maine. The start of the state agricultural fairs reminds us that winter is not far away.
Actually last night we had a brief taste of winter as big fluffy cotton balls like flakes fell from the dark night sky and covered the farm with a heavy wet blanket. By morning it all was gone...but we got the message. We need to get EVERYTHING done outside and ready the farm for the months that lie ahead. Point taken.
This casein will be put up on my website.....and I will get back to commissions that need being done.....and some new work for galleries that I am with.


Laura Barber-Riley said...

Wow! I have been following this one with interest and it has turned out wonderfully! I just love the dramatic dark blues in the background against the chestnut colour of the horses.

Gail said...


Gail said...


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

This has really turned out well. They must be stunning "live": size and colour combining for ultimate impact.

Kpeters said...

Is a huge statement image I think..about power and color.....if I do say so myself! Thanks!