Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two In The Snow

After a weekend of snow, yesterday was spent shoveling [yes, yet again] and digging out. I was left with the job as my husband had to head to work. At least that is what he said!

Our JRT and PWC pups are really dwarfed by the walls of snow left by our plow guy. But they are having fun looking for squirrel holes and deer tracks in the paths we have especially plowed for the pooches.

I did get some time to get some sketches done between shoveling events and back and forth's to the barn and horses. A graphite of a young buck seen in our back woods is almost done...and will be a painting at some point! I have also started a BIG casein for my "From The Loft" series. These paintings are being done with a mixed media of casein, acrylic, and charcoal. I guess I will post "In Progress" shots of the new one as I go. You asked for it...I always want to keep you happy!!
And then I am also working on works to be shown this summer in Saratoga, NY..at Equidae Gallery.I have been asked to do a casein demonstration there too during the show...and I have a show coming up in Lexington too in May...more on that later!

This day is a special day...my radio will be tuned into the inauguration of our new president Obama. I am sure every one will be watching this historic event.

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