Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Talk About Wildlife

This is not a very good photo.........but a Blue Heron had taken a perch on our back arbor right outside of our living room sliding glass doors last week. I was getting ready to head out for Belfast when something caught my eye and I turned to see this huge bird sitting there. Mind you usually the arbor is the perch of the hummingbirds that we have living near our deck. This fellow [?] is a bit bigger than the hummers!!! He stayed there quite a while and I did get the chance to capture some better shots of him that I will use for future paintings. This shot also captures my bougainvillea in blossom.It is so in your face with color right now.
Between the bird photos......the deer in our yard and my huge goldfish in our garden pond........I will be doing some works other than horses this winter......when time allows.
But for today the weather is so brilliant out how can I stay in the studio? I think I will get out and paint! Maybe the fish??

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