Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friesian Drill Team

This scene, depicting the Northeast Friesian Horse Club drill team practising at the Post's farm in New Hampshire, reminded me so much of Lucy Kemp Welch's painting of women exercising the horses [titled "The Straw Ride: Russley Park,Depot, Wiltshire"]. This casein on board is sized at 8 x 16". The Northeast Friesian team was photographed back it 2004. It has taken me this long to get this painting done. But I guess life does sometimes get in the way.
Today the farrier comes to trim the afternoon will be spent with him and the horses. Our hay man is starting to put hay into the barn..........I am happy about that! It always makes me nervous when the hay isn't all tucked away for the winter. I think it makes the horses happy too to know their hay is stashed before the snow comes!!!
And then the lawn needs mowing...........and the fields need bush-hogging.......yep, life gets in the way!!!

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