Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paintings From Kentucky

My trip to Kentucky will afford me many scenes that will be painted and cut. Bobbye and I drove the back roads outside of Lexington and idyllic scenes such as this were everywhere... Miles of board fencing as far as the eye could see and pastures with grazing horses and mares heavy with foal lined the roadside. Everywhere I looked I saw a painting begging to be done!!! This 10 x 8" watercolor is the first of many watercolors from this trip.

Bobbye took this shot of me taking a shot at Keeneland...
I am working on a casein painting from that great photo-op too. My studio is a mess....papers and photos everywhere......the gardens outside the studio need work, and a garden edging job I started this morning on our back gardens is strewn across the lawn.....I am feeling the need to paint and that takes president over anything else at this point!!
So I am back to the easel.......! Driven!!

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