Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happenings at Cob Cottage and Elsewhere

I have been invited by Anderson Galleries of Locust Valley, NY, to participate in an art exhibit, “Horses in Art” opening at the gallery on Thursday May 1, 2008. Paintings and sculpture from the show will first be previewed and exhibited at opening day at Belmont Racetrack, Wednesday April 30th at a private luncheon. How I wish I could be there for that! But our four horses, our Corgi and cat keep me at home feeding, cleaning and doing for them. I am often the artist in absentia. My painting “Gypsy Vanner and Wagon” is headed down south for that show. This is the watercolor and tempera painting shown above.

And THEN my mixed media painting “My World” took first place at the Grand National Western Art Exhibit and Sale that was held at the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA. last week. This painting is done in casein, and liquid gold leaf……….a dreamy work with white horse and moon. Several of my ‘Shades of Black’ Series where also hung at that show.

Today I will try and work in the studio…with the sun and warmth calling me outside. My spring bulbs are peeping up in the perennial gardens and I even see my curly onion tops emerging through the ground in the veggie garden. There is much to do outside…. but much to do inside too…what a predicament??? Which way to go???


Karen Thumm said...

Congratulations on both of these accomplishments, Kathi!

"My World" is wonderful and simple at the same time while the Gypsy Vanner is rich and offers a unique perspective.

Kpeters said...

Thanks, Karen.
Yes, each little accomplishment tells me I am on the right track.
[even if I was derailed a year and after ago!]

Your validation means a lot to me!