Friday, April 4, 2008

Down and Dirty

Yesterday the sun was shining and the inviting warmth of the hay bedding our paddocks near the barn beckoned to our horses to take long naps in the spring sun. It has been a long winter here in Maine. I took advantage of their sleeping to do a charcoal study of one of is one of 'Duster'. [It is 18 x 12"]

Our horses are comfortable with my being around them when they are laying down in their stalls and paddocks, so even with me walking into their space, with my Artboard and Strathmore gray scale paper tacked onto it, they continued to doze in the sun's rays. As time allows I plan on doing more plein aire work this year..I may even do some landscapes!! I haven't done many over the years.
I had forgotten how dirty I get with charcoal. I am not a very meticulous artist in the best of times.....working with charcoal, I get it face...........and all over the paper...But in the end I do get some charcoal where I want it on the paper and end up with a drawing!!!
Today it rains. I am content to work in the studio.

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