Saturday, April 5, 2008

Acadian Deer

The reference photo for this drawing of a young Acadia buck was given to me by a passenger who was on the horse drawn carriage my husband was driving on the carriage roads in Acadia National Park last summer. I decide to try this shot in a close up in graphite. This drawing is about 9 inch square on Bristol paper. It is available for purchase.

It was fun doing this in detail, with no actual details of the trees and leaves... just the suggestion of their being there. This young buck had soft velvety antlers. He wasn't afraid of the carriage full of visitors as they snapped pictures of him from the carriage. I wonder if he couldn't smell the humans due to the draft horses being there.
Les [my husband] had told the folks during the ride around Day Mountain, that his wife was an artist...and the fellow, who shot this picture, offered to send me the photo to paint, draw or whatever. So here is my first work from the reference photo.

We have many deer around our farm in Morrill......[sometimes I think TOO MANY when they eat my perennials!]....and have been enjoying watching a young skipper run around our horse fields in the evenings of late. He is so full of himself.
Spring is in the air!!

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