Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One Subject - Two Mediums

"Head Study #2 At Acadia" , watercolor,  17 x 12"   ©2016

 Two works done recently. One subject. Two Mediums. Why?

This handsome carriage horse was first worked up as a graphite study, in order to get my values figured out in my head. Doing these preliminary sketches helps me a lot; especially when working from photos, and not from life. This horse was one of the horses who was on the American Driving Society's visit years ago to Maine and the carriage roads of Acadia. I captured more than several photos of this handsome guy and I have painted him before. This time I approached the painting a bit differently than other works done of him. His strong face and handsome features attracted me again. And because I have clients asking to purchase my sketches I have included the graphite of this image available on my website.

"Head Study #2 At Acadia", graphite, 14 x 11" ©2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Racing Paintings Series Continues

"Before The Race #4",  mixed media ,9x12" ©2016

Two more "Before the Race " paintings are done. I have done series before and have had good luck in having the paintings find forever homes. Working in series gives me a sense of continuity and purpose. It also gives me a chance to develop an idea further than a single painting does. Painting series and painting self-portraits are some things that I TRY  to do every year. All part of the growth I hope to achieve every year. So here are "Before The Race #4 " and "Before The Race #5" . All 5 paintings ready to go!! Check them all out on my website.

"Before The Race #5",  mixed media ,9x12" ©2016 

The farm's snow is starting to melt. It has been an easier winter so far this year. Our horses are eager for spring to come for them to get back to driving ....I really think that they miss getting out and about, and off the farm. They suffer cabin fever too!! 

Our brook is even open a bit and the water bubbles and gurgles as it passes below the snow and ice that blankets it.  I love this Cob Cottage farm!!!

The brook..........on its was through the farm.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's A New Year ! More New Paintings!

 I can't believe time has past so quickly since the last time I posted new work ....but it has, and needless to say, I have been painting between holiday commitments  and snow storms and doctor appointments! Life on the farm goes on and I do get time every day to get into the studio and do something creative. ............even if it is only balancing my checkbook. Believe me, that can be VERY creative!

At the end of 2015 I did an oil of a Cob brood mare, fond memories of a mare that produced some awesome foals. The painting is available on my website and hopefully she will find a new home in the new year.

  I also have been working on some smaller works on paper , in mixed media, and they are turning into a series of works I will be doing as I explore the pulse of the prerace ride, the feeling of the horses and their side riders, as they ready for the gate loading and their race. So far there are three done  in this series......

"Before The Race #2"  ©2016  Kathi Peters

I have had  papercut drawing work juried into an exhibit opening at River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta, Maine January 15th,2016......Good to have my  papercuts back in the mix of my portfolio of work again. I am looking at some changes in my work in the new year. I hope to keep you engaged in my work. 
And so I paint....create!


Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Second Draft Pair Painting And The Gift


"The Grays" , casein on board, 12 x 12"  ©2015 www.kathipeters.com

 Again from our summer days spent at Acadia......the gentle drafts who work at Wildwood Stables, pulling their carriages full of tourists on the beautiful carriage roads of Acadia. These handsome grays wait as their carriage is being loaded.....ready to do their job. I did this painting in casein , and it is on board, cradled and ready to hang. The Grays.
 I have been sketching a lot lately. Some of my sketches are sketchy at best. Some end up being more 'finished', and I offer them on my website , as I have found over the years ,that some folks like the sketches, the drawings that usually end up as a painting, rather than the painting its self. "The Gift " is one of those sketches that falls into that category. It depicts a scene that any horse lover has seen many times.... The sweet moment when your horse reaches down to you, sniffing your outstretched hand in anticipation of a treat, an apple, a carrot...a gift. How appropriate for this time of year....the time of the year where we reach out and remember the gift that we were given a long time ago when a baby was born in a stable as the greatest gift of all.
"The Gift"  , graphite study , 12 x 9" © 2015 www.kathipeters.com
 I am busy this time of year. I'm finishing up the last of 2015 commissions and trying to get into the new year mode. We are still waiting on our snow......and until it comes I paint.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Draft Horse Painting ....Bigger Biggers!


The oil painting "Ground Driving The Belgian Pair " was actually painted a few weeks ago....but I am so slow at blogging about it. I guess I am slow about doing anything written, as writing is still hard for me since my 2006 stoke. There I have said it. I guess all the business part of being an artist is hard for me. But I can paint.....and I do a good job of cleaning stalls, so all is not lost! That being said, this oil depicts the most important part of ground driving a pair of horses....the pair themselves. This handsome pair made awesome subjects to paint. The painting is in my studio, and available on my website.
I've done some other paintings too.....Hope to blog about the new works soon.....and so I paint!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015



 "Bend To The Left" , casein , 12 x 12"  © kathi peters
As 2015 comes to a close, I am offering an eclectic mix of my work,  some large, some small....in different mediums, but all at heavily discounted HOLIDAY SPECIAL  prices for my much appreciated collector base...current and future. What the New Year brings is yet to be revealed, but new ideas are in the works at Cob Cottage Studio and will be revealed soon.
I hope you will find a painting or two that will tickle your fancy ……Maybe a painting that might make a wonderful gift of art for someone on your ‘Santa’s list’…..or even for your own wall. Thank you for looking…for shopping and supporting my art.  


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A New Flower Casein Painting And Why Studies?


"Zinnias In Jelly Jar", casein and ink, 12 x 9" ©2015 www.kathipeters.com
I have been working back and forth with oil paint and casein paint. Each medium makes my " creative brain"  work in a different way. Each has it's own personality and temperament. Each creates its own challenges. Mixing it up keeps me focused on the work at hand. The last of falls zinnias provided a pleasing composition. My caseins provided the color pallete that I wanted. "Zinnias In Jelly Jar" was born. A happy painting to grace someone's wall.
"Yellow Apple Tree"  oil study , 6 x 6"
And then...... Why offer studies you might ask? What are studies? A study, for me, is a small [but not always ] work done in graphite or charcoal, oil or casein, in a quick capture, to see how I might want to approach a larger more detailed work of a certain subject or landscape. Studies are a peek into an artist's thought process, a closer look at what makes them excited and what moves their muse. I have found that many collectors like to collect these very personal unfinished works , rather than the actual finished paintings, and so I am offering them at a very reasonable price......in a special collection here on my website. They are offered unframed, no frills attached ....I hope you will find something there that will "excite" you......  in my Drawings and Painted Studies collection.
Here is a sampling...........

 "Study Of The Grays" , charcoal, 12 x 18" ©2015 www.kathipeters.com
"Birch Study" , oil on gessobord, 6 x 6" ©2015 www.kathipeters.com
 There are others....please check them out......I would love to help you start your collection of my work.
And so I paint..............