Friday, November 28, 2014

We Had A Happy Thanksgiving - And My Latest Watercolor -

"Arriving Back At The Barn-Acadia" , watercolor, 10 x 19 3/4" ©2014

 Snow steadily fell over our farm on the eve before Thanksgiving and we put the horses back into their cozy stalls. I did the baking for our Thanksgiving Day celebration that we spent with family. I hope you all had someone to enjoy the day with. I am so thankful for our life on our small farm with our horses, and that I am able to paint works that make my heart happy.

This is the latest work finished, “Arrival Back At The Barn – Acadia”  is a watercolor depicting a lovely 4 in- hand of Kaldruber horses pulling their happy party of passengers, as they all come back from a lovely ride on the miles of carriage roads of Acadia National Park.

I am working on commission work now, that of course, I can’t show, as they are going to folks for Christmas. I will continue my "Fall Clean Up Sale" for a bit longer. Some folks have nabbed some great buys in this art sale…….Were you one? If you haven’t bought anything yet, take at look at the work available while it is up… offering easy shopping from the comfort of your home!

Have a warm cozy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. 
From our house to your house!
God bless!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Fall Special Making Room Sale.... Or "Cleaning Up The Studio Sale"


It has to happen!!!  Another Fall Clean Up The Studio Special Sale!!....I did it last year with great success...... but my studio is getting too crowded again....and if I want to continue painting, [and I do] I HAVE to move out some of my art works. Some are framed. Some are not framed. They are ALL  being offered at very low prices and my space dilemma is your gain. So grab a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine and virtually walk around my virtual art sale. It is a great way to collect my work at discounted prices. Collect for your own walls... or for that special person on your holiday shopping list.


These are just a few that are listed in the sale. I am going through my inventory and will be adding a few more over the days the sale is running. So have some fun looking through my inventory sale....and good luck! Hope you nab a good one...........for yourself, or for that someone special for the holidays!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

One Oar - A Painting And My Life

It is difficult rowing a boat with one oar, but that is actually the scene I saw on our Maine coast and that I painted in one of my latest works. It seems to be a metaphorical description of my life lately. Right now I am working with ‘one oar”.  ….Actually I am working with one good eye, having just gone through cataract surgery. What a different a day makes. With one new lens implanted in one of my cataract clouded eyes, I am now looking at a world that is bright with wonderful whites in my left eye. My right eye awaits its turn, as it still sees a gray and yellowish world. I am wondering how this will affect my paintings. I have had a hard time painting details, mixing colors…..even seeing. I am excited about what I can see now out of one eye…..!! Can you imagine how it will be when both eyes are seeing a brand new world ?
So until then…..I will be rowing with “One Oar”.   This painting is available on my website.
Thank you for your interest in my art!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

My Latest Mixed Media Done - Reverie

"Reverie" , Mixed Media ,  12 x 12"  ©2014

The days outside are getting shorter. The days in the studio are starting to get longer. This is a good thing, as Martha would say......and my muse feels the same way. With three paintings in the works in my small studio, [ and one of those three paintings is big!], I am enjoying my time in the studio and trying to play catch up . It was a lovely summer of gardening and carriage driving, company visiting and I am paying for it now. But that's fine. I  have so many ideas I want to get painted.

The above mixed media work is the latest off my easel. The of our horses, but I believe anyone can relate to a handsome horse looking over a stall door , deep in thought about what their day was about. In this guy's case.......grazing all day!!  "Reverie"  is available on my website, ready to grace someone's art collection.

Did I tell you about my being interview with a national magazine? Hmmmm, if I didn't I will next time. I vow to be up to date with my blogs, ......and I know I am over due for a email newsletter ......stay tuned. I am catching up! AND I am painting!!

Welcome to my studio....Cob Cottage Studio

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Mixed Media Figurative Painting While Fall Starts It's Glow Outside

  "Enlightened"  , casein and mixed media      18 x 18"  ©2014

The days are shorter. The weather has been wonderful with crisp fall mornings that beckon me to start the day full of fall colors and sounds….. Leaves that crunch underfoot, crows cawing from tall spruce. I love it.
The fall weather brought visits from artist friends and my family. The owner of Equis Art Gallery and her husband came to pick up new work from me, and we got to enjoy days of touring Maine. I carried my camera and have reference photos of iconic Maine landscapes to keep me busy all winter as I work on my new body of work.
I feel a need to do more figurative work. I have started using our grandchildren as subjects. I hope they don’t mind!! “Enlightened” is a new mixed media work [casein, gold leaf and languid gold]. It is on canvas and is sized 18 X 18”. It was a fun painting to do and took me quite a while to do between company visits. This painting has been juried into the River Arts art show “Faces & Figures” that opens Oct 10th in Damariscotta, Maine.Hope you can make the show! There is some neat work hanging in this exhibit.

I have 2 paintings in the works now. I can’t wait to show them!
Until then….I will paint!

Our grape arbor is turning color...a fall burnt red.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beautiful Belgian Horses With a Nip In The Air

The weather has taken a turn and there is a lovely chill in the air that whispers of fall, leaves starting to change color and the veggie garden has slowed down. I have pulled out most the veggies, leaving tomatoes to ripen and Swiss chard to grow in the clean fall like air. I now we have several weeks left of summer. I will take it with joy. Then begins fall’s cascading colors and even the cooler nights. Life goes on the farm with the never ending chores.
This recently done oil painting is drying and available on my website. Draft horses from the stable in Seal Harbor, Maine……The beautiful big pairs that carry the sight seekers along the carriage roads of Acadia. The drivers have groomed them nicely and added the lovely touch of braiding the big horses’ tails. It was that extra touch that caught my eye and prompted me to paint them.
                   "I Said HAW"  , Oil on canvas on panel,  12 x 12"  ©2014

When I haven’t been in the studio painting I have been outside painting and trying to paint doors on the house and then there is the new horse-fencing that needs staining…….yup………….never ending chores on a small Maine farm.

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Small Painting Of Acadia - August's Asticou Gardens

"Passing Asticou Gardens, North East Harbor"  , Oil on gessobord, 6 x 6" ©2014
Still trying to play catch up on work done in my blog posts, while trying to manage gardens, put up new horse fence and do all the everyday things that need doing on this small mid-coast Maine farm. August has giving us some stellar weather… and it is so hard to stay in the studio working on commissions and new original work when it is clear that this weather is not going to last and that fall will soon be here , with winter not far behind.
I did this small oil painting of a favourite scene we passed everyday on our way to Acadia during the month of July. It is beautiful in July. June is when it is heavenly with all the rhododendrons and azaleas are in blossom. But I also love the more subdued landscape of the July Asticou Gardens. I hope this small gem touches the heart of some other admirer of Maine landscapes.
Now I am headed back out to enjoy this hot sun filled August day. I have been painting.

Our gardens......