Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time Gone With The Wind In Winter - More Paintings

"The Osprey"  casein on board     16 x 16"  Commission    ©2015

I can’t believe that it has been a month since I blogged last. My only excuse, and a very valid one, is that we have been inundated with snow and frigid weather that leaves me tired and taciturn….not very talkative. I have been painting some…not nearly as much and I wanted to this winter. I usually find more studio time in the winter months. This year has been different by all stretches of the imagination. Buried in snow, I have just been too tired to create, my muses are snow bound.
I did get asked to do a radio interview! I almost declined in invitation, but was convinced I could do it by my husband. So     I had a podcast radio interview with Driving Radio Show. It actually turned to be fun, and I was quickly put at ease by hosts Glenn and Wendy. Here is a link to the show….I am the first guest to be interviewed that day after the hosts chat for a while….so hang on for the interview. We talk about my art, my life, our horses, and even my studio helper Nell. You can listen at leisure on your iPhone, pad, laptop or whatever……. at this link:

I finished a commission for a client, of a Maine osprey and sticky nest. [See above.] In between storms I got it packaged and shipped out. It seems as if life this winter has been about getting things done between storms. So be it! This painting is 16 x 16” in casein on a panel. I enjoyed this size panel and have some new works in this size.

I also have completed a casein painting on paper, where I was sort of day dreaming about sun and warmth on a hot summer’s day. “One Summer’s Day” depicts a handsome gray in sun and little shadow.  A stretch when the temperature outside is below zero with a wind chill factor on top of that to numb your senses.

 "One Summer Day"  casein on paper,  12 x 9"  ©2015

YET I am enjoying the play of sun and shadows on the snow with amble chance to appreciate it on our sunny days. This prompted another painting of Nell, in the snow, casting her Jack Russell shadow on new fallen snow. It is a small work, 6 x 6”, done in oil and is available.

"Jack On Point"  oil on gallery wrapped canvas   6 x 6"  ©2015

So I paint…..I hope you take a listen to the radio interview. I find painting much easier than talking….so I paint.  
Listen to my radio interview.... and I would love to have some feedback, some comments to help me through my day!

Monday, February 9, 2015

The New Year Has Started Without Me It Seems

"A Lady And Her Horse"  , casein on Raymar board,  16 x 12" ©2015

The year started with me full of good intentions............ and then my muse was captured by the vision of a beautiful lady riding side saddle on a handsome gray PRE .....the proverbial white horse. I was hooked................

But now the January 2015 winter storm of ‘Historic Proportions ‘ has swirled around outside my studio walls. We readied the farm and cottage for high winds and epic snow amounts. What we had is a usual Nor’easter….! But better to be safe than sorry. We were safe. Our horses were safe in their cozy stalls munching hay,...........  and I even managed some studio time. I started a new casein equine painting.

I have also finished the casein above, done of a lovely lady riding sidesaddle, the image provided by the owner of the handsome Pre horse. The horse and his lady and the owner of the PRE all live in Italy. I really enjoyed doing another sidesaddle painting. I have done several in the past, but I never tire of portraying this classic equestrian discipline….. It is so sophisticated and ladylike. I have always wanted to learn to ride side saddle, but never did get around to doing it. Now, at this point in my life I will stick with driving. The painting “A Lady and Her Horse” is now up on my website and available unframed.

I have been doing some drawing too……and after receiving a box of beautiful blood oranges from a friend, I had to sit down and draw them before I ate them. I am doing a great job of eating them! I do want to paint some before they are all gone!
The snow still blows around our cottage, banking our outside walls with white.
I will continue painting!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Art On National Magazine Cover - Driving Digest

I am so honored to see my painting "Going Under Seal Harbor Bridge - Acadia" featured on the latest issue of the DRIVING DIGEST magazine. This painting depicts our Morgan pair on the carriage roads of Acadia. I always love seeing this bridge when we are driving up there, as I consider it the keyhole to the door that opens on the wonderful experience of the miles of carriage roads that Acadia National Park has to be enjoyed by equestrians. I firmly believe THIS is the way to see the interior of the park.....better than walking  or riding a bike. No cars allowed! I never tire of painting this treasure.

I have been busy....working on two paintings at this point. Need to get back into some small original paintings, but that will have to wait for awhile. It has been bitter cold in Maine of late....but I guess Maine is not alone with this polar front that sits over the east. I take comfort in the fact that I am not alone in my misery.

So I paint in a chilly studio......brrrrrrrr.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Heaven Help Me, But It's Winter In Maine


10 x 8" pen and ink sketch of myself compromised......may it never happen! 
It has warmed up to a chilly 12°F outside of our cottage. It was 2 degrees this morning when I got up. I am dressed in an undershirt, a turtleneck, an alpaca sweater and heavy weight jeans.  Then I add a Polartec jacket under my down jacket,with snow pants to cover my jeans, then I go down to the barn to do chores. God help me if I slip and fall. I would never be able to get back up again. I would just lie there until spring came. Or maybe I could take a selfie of myself ( as I always carry my phone) and send it to Facebook and show everyone a picture of me, …the last picture of me before I died of frostbite on my way down to the barn .

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year All

"By The Light Of The Moon" watercolor and ink , © 2013

Our Christmas celebration has come and gone. We had a great time with our family, all together with presents galore.
I hope you had a wonderful day too.  Our fields are free of their snow blanket and our horses think spring has come.
But it is not even New Years eve yet.............
Here's wishing everyone a wonderful New Year with peace and plenty for everyone.

I am back in my studio each day now, working on commission work,
and I am hopeful that I will be finding time for new original works too.
Happy New Year!!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

We Had A Happy Thanksgiving - And My Latest Watercolor -

"Arriving Back At The Barn-Acadia" , watercolor, 10 x 19 3/4" ©2014

 Snow steadily fell over our farm on the eve before Thanksgiving and we put the horses back into their cozy stalls. I did the baking for our Thanksgiving Day celebration that we spent with family. I hope you all had someone to enjoy the day with. I am so thankful for our life on our small farm with our horses, and that I am able to paint works that make my heart happy.

This is the latest work finished, “Arrival Back At The Barn – Acadia”  is a watercolor depicting a lovely 4 in- hand of Kaldruber horses pulling their happy party of passengers, as they all come back from a lovely ride on the miles of carriage roads of Acadia National Park.

I am working on commission work now, that of course, I can’t show, as they are going to folks for Christmas. I will continue my "Fall Clean Up Sale" for a bit longer. Some folks have nabbed some great buys in this art sale…….Were you one? If you haven’t bought anything yet, take at look at the work available while it is up… offering easy shopping from the comfort of your home!

Have a warm cozy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. 
From our house to your house!
God bless!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Fall Special Making Room Sale.... Or "Cleaning Up The Studio Sale"


It has to happen!!!  Another Fall Clean Up The Studio Special Sale!!....I did it last year with great success...... but my studio is getting too crowded again....and if I want to continue painting, [and I do] I HAVE to move out some of my art works. Some are framed. Some are not framed. They are ALL  being offered at very low prices and my space dilemma is your gain. So grab a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine and virtually walk around my virtual art sale. It is a great way to collect my work at discounted prices. Collect for your own walls... or for that special person on your holiday shopping list.


These are just a few that are listed in the sale. I am going through my inventory and will be adding a few more over the days the sale is running. So have some fun looking through my inventory sale....and good luck! Hope you nab a good one...........for yourself, or for that someone special for the holidays!!