Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Burro In Harness

"Burro In Harness" , mixed media, 18 x 12"
Long Ears have always fascinated me since I was a child.  I have had ponies, horses. ..big and small over the years. .... Yet I have never had a burro, donkey or ass. I remember the sweet burros that were pulling brightly colored carts on the Canary Islands and Sicily on my first voyage to Europe. This burro was from a locale closer to where I live now. This cute fellow is an American 'Equus Asinus'.....and he is a fine subject.
This mixed media work is done in charcoal, conte and gouache on Strathmore Gray Scale paper. This work is available through Equis Art Gallery in Red Hook, NY.

By Summer's End

"By Summer'sEnd" , mixed media, 18 x 18" copyright 2017

   There have been so many horses that have come into our life over the years. Some we bought. Some we were given and some were born into our arms.  With horse ownership and the love of the horse, comes a lot of responsibilities. I think that when we accept the horse into our life we owe them a promise of security and care for the rest of their life. In this painting I was thinking about that responsibility and hopefully I have captured it metaphorically. The end of summer....a season , a era ending.
 By Summer's End is on gallery wrapped canvas and is ready to hang.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Gelding - A New Painting

"'The Gelding" , Mixed Media,  11 x 14" copyright 2017


This chestnut gelding has the reputation of a saint. He is an honest horse. ....and his honest face always inspires me to want to draw or paint him. He has the look of a horse who is a survivor, who has been through some hard times and has learned how to get to play by the rules.  I wish I knew his story. I wish he could talk and tell me about his life. Maybe by my painting him ,I can capture his soul...and show The Gelding ' s story.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Left Behind

"Left Behind" , oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 10 x 10" ©2017
In the winter , while on a walk with my JRT Nell, we came upon this robin's nest that lay on the cold snow. One blue egg, left behind for some unknown reason, lie still in the nest, unbroken. I carefully carried it and its nest back to my studio. I love doing paintings of different nests, and I loved how this nest had the terre vert colored moss woven into its beautiful structure. I will always wonder why this egg never hatched and why the nest fell where Nell and I saw if it was meant to be.
It's a nice break from rendering set up my own still life images .....and to get lost in the image.
"Left Behind"  is offered ready to hang as it is on gallery wrapped canvas and does not need to be framed.  Shipping and handling, as always, is included in its price for USA sales.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Scavenger's Spoils

"Scavenger's Spoils" , oil , 6 x 6"
  Two robin eggs were left after the farm birds had started thinking about leaving for the warmer south, as summer announced it departure last year.  I kept the nest and the forgotten eggs in the studio, planning on future still life works. It has taken me this long to 'get my act together'.
New eggs have been started since this years arrival of our farm's robins. Life goes on. A new summer has just started too, along with all the promises it brings. Something old. Something new.  "Scavenger's Spoils"

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Painting.....Like A Copper Penny

"Like A Copper Penny" , mixed media, 18 x 18"  copyright 2017


A chestnut horse running in sunshine... in a field colored in beautiful. It's coat of orange shines like a copper penny.
Full of joy!
Again I am exploring abstract landscape....and attacking my subject matter with a more realistic brush. The work is done with charcoal, acrylic and casein. It is a difficult painting to photograph, as it has gold in it the brilliant golden spring sunshine streaming thru the wooded back ground and onto the copper coat of the chestnut horse.
 This painting is offered unframed, but doesn't really need to be framed, as it is on gallery wrapped canvas and is ready to hang. A contemporary look.
Spring is a busy time for us here on our small farm. Gardens are starting to bloom and grass needs mowing. Our carriages and harnesses are coming out of winter storage and time is spent with our horses, getting back to driving. I know trips to the carriage roads of Acadia are in our near future. Life goes on....and it seems to be at lightning fast speed lately.  I try to get into the studio on a daily basis , but must admit that seems to be more sporadic that before.  But I will paint.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Back To The Barn - Four Up At Acadia

"Back To The Barn - Four Up" , watercolor , 9 x 20"
Another watercolor finished of four in hand a turnout seen at Acadia. I can't get enough of them....the power of four horses put to a carriage. So beautiful. This team was almost back to their barn at Wildwood Stables, in Seal Harbor, after being out for a long drive on the carriage roads. So much detail to depict in such a scene....and always the question about what to actually put into the painting and what to leave out, to leave to the viewer's imagination. I think there is just enough detail in this work to capture the beauty of this handsome team.
This painting is now being offered unframed.