Sunday, November 20, 2016

Special Studio Fall 2016 Sweep Sale

"Soapy Draft" casein on board, 8 x 10"  copyright 
It's that time of the year...., time for a studio sweep out sale. This year I'm featuring a sale on my smaller work and everything is priced $200 and lower. Please check it out...I am sure there is something there for someone on your shopping list, or maybe to grace your home walls.
Fall has settled in around here. Most of the leaves are off the trees and though we have had a mild fall, the hint of winter can be seen. Needless to say, the harder I work, the behind-er I get. I still have not finished getting my gardens put to bed, nor packed my summer garden tools away. But I did want to get this Special Studio  Fall Sweep Sale up so you could look through it, and hopefully find something that grabs your fancy.......AND helps me clean out my studio a bit to make room for new creations.
Thank you for your help!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

White Fight - A Charcoal Study

"White Fight" charcoal and gouache 8.5 x 11" copyright 2016


Another charcoal and gouache study done of winter horse fights...when they are bored and cold.This might be developed into a painting.
This study is available now unframed , and shipping within the USA is included in its price.

Friday, November 4, 2016

New Works Done - I'm Pushing My Artistic Envelope

 It seems that I have been creating representative artwork for ages. I have. I feel a need to break out a bit from the artistic mold I have created for myself. Mind you, I am sailing unchartered waters for me...... but I am enjoying this voyage ....and I think it still nicely fits with my older work. So for the time being, I will be posting these new works in the same collection on my website as my more representative work. I only hope my collectors will come with me on this voyage. Hop abroad!!
"Rolling In The Deep" is the first...... It  happened at Acadia. A handsome spotted of a four-in-hand team.  A good roll after a good drive. It always seems to happen after a good bath too! If you have horses, you have seen them roll......often in deep something!!
 A mixed media work, it is done in acrylic, oil and casein. It is varnished and it is on a cradled board and does not need to be framed, but can be hung as is for a contemporary look.

"One In A Blue Moon" mixed media  , 6 x 6"  copyright 2016
 The second mixed media abstract work was done smaller...... same mix of media. The subject was one of two Belgians in a draft horses team working up Acadia this summer. I saw them when we were up at Wildwood Stables with our Morgan driving pair. Often I see a horse whose face captures my heart. This handsome Belgian guy was one of those horses. I really enjoyed painting this small work. "Once In A Blue Moon" is available framed .....and is ready to go!
The third one done so far is "Snow Drifting". I went into it very abstractly and then ended up finishing it in a more Japanese feel. I have always been fascinated with the woodblock work of Hokusai and Hiroshegi....I went for that feel, with an abstract spin. I really enjoyed creating this one too , as I wondered what I would do... as I worked through the composition. Another foray into abstract and representative work.......A chestnut horse rolls in the winter sunlight in his paddock of snow and hay. Dappled winter shadows , blue and purple surround the golden hay and sunlight. I have been there.......seen that.
"Snow Drifting" is also on a cradled board, with no need for a frame...ready to hang.
Ready to ship! 

"Snow Drifting" , mixed media, 12 x 12"  copyright 2016
Now I have to get back into some commission work I am I paint.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Interview With A National Magazine !!!

 In the middle of our summer driving 'marathon " in Acadia  National Park this year, I was contacted by Ann Pringle, the editor of Driving Digest, about doing an interview for a feature article in their fall issue #203. I was more than pleased and honored to be offered this opportunity to show my work and to answer Ann's questions about my life and my work. It's no secret that the majority of my body of work depicts the world of the driving horse. It is a equestrian discipline that I love to participate in and to paint. I hope everyone has had the chance to read the article, and to see a sample of my work as Driving Digest featured it so wonderfully. Thank you Driving Digest and Ann Pringle!!
"The Wheelers", oil , 12 x 16"  copyright 2015
I am back in the studio now....busy with the start of commission work for the holidays and new year.
I am also working on new original work. My art work is very important to me....Life goes on.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Wheelers At Acadia - A Sketch Now, A Painting Later

"The Wheelers At Acadia", charcoal and conte, copyright 2016

When the four in hand coaches come driving at Acadia, there is never a lack of inspiration for me. Often the four horses in a team are taken out as pairs....only two pulling the carriage. Its a good way to exercise the horses or get them familiar with their new surroundings. Sometimes one of the four might have a problem that keeps them from being used........and then I get to capture a pair.....its all good! "The Wheelers At Acadia"
This sketch is available. I will be painting this scene...edited a bit. But now I am offering the sketch , unframed. Shipping is included for shipments within the USA. You'd be surprised how low the price is on my sketches!!   I do ship overseas...but that of course costs more. Contact me for that.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Fall Pair - New Casein / Mixmedia Painting


"The Fall Pair" ,mixed media, 12 x 12"
They work in the fields on the farms. They are the heavy horses who help get the produce to the markets. They are the gentle giants who helped build our world. The Fall Pair are the workers...gentle giants,
I used casein, acrylic paint in this work.
This painting is offered now unframed. Shipping within the USA is included in its price.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Pears Are Ready

"The Pears Are Ready", Casein, 9 x 12"


Each year we wait for the fall's harvest of fruit. Our pears are a favorite. We have a basket sitting on our kitchen counter for everyone to enjoy....and then there is a bag for the horses' enjoyment in the barn. We are happy when the pears are ready!
This casein and ink painting is offered unframed , and shipping is complimentary for USA shipments.
Fall sure feels close. The warm sun filled days have a melancholy touch and each evening brings cooler temps that makes me want to curl up with a warm cozy blanket. These are the days I love.  And my studio is calling me back to get busy on new gardens are slowing down. It is time.