Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Fall Pair - New Casein / Mixmedia Painting


"The Fall Pair" ,mixed media, 12 x 12"
They work in the fields on the farms. They are the heavy horses who help get the produce to the markets. They are the gentle giants who helped build our world. The Fall Pair are the workers...gentle giants,
I used casein, acrylic paint in this work.
This painting is offered now unframed. Shipping within the USA is included in its price.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Pears Are Ready

"The Pears Are Ready", Casein, 9 x 12"


Each year we wait for the fall's harvest of fruit. Our pears are a favorite. We have a basket sitting on our kitchen counter for everyone to enjoy....and then there is a bag for the horses' enjoyment in the barn. We are happy when the pears are ready!
This casein and ink painting is offered unframed , and shipping is complimentary for USA shipments.
Fall sure feels close. The warm sun filled days have a melancholy touch and each evening brings cooler temps that makes me want to curl up with a warm cozy blanket. These are the days I love.  And my studio is calling me back to get busy on new gardens are slowing down. It is time.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Four-In-Hand Painting Of Acadia

"Two's Company, Four's A Team" is maybe more about the groom holding the two lead horses, looking into the sun, while another groom unhitches the two wheelers. They had just arrived back from a long picnic drive over the miles of beautiful carriage roads of Acadia.  I love depicting the everyday scenes that surround the life of carriage driving and horses. I just love to paint my life. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Pemaquid Peninsula Peacefulness

"Pemaquid Peninsula Peacefulness" , oil on copper, 5 x 5" ©2016


This is the time of the year when Maine is beautiful! Sun shines most days and along the coast a cooling breeze blows amking the summer days sing. This is the time most of us , in Maine, wait for all winter. And for my husband and I, this is the time of year we head up to Acadia with our horses to enjoy the wonder that is Acadia. Ocean, forest, fresh air and carriage roads.
This small study of a painting is portrays the beauty of Maine. A wonderful small reminder of that beauty.
Scenes like this are all over the beautiful state, and this quick small painting, "Pemaquid Peninsula Peacefulness" , of  mid-coast Maine is available.
Shipping within the USA is included in its price.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Robin's Egg Blue And A Luna Moth


"Robin's Egg Blue", oil on copper, 6 x 6" ©2016

There are so many Robin families living on our small farm. I guess they like the multitude of worms that dig in our soil.One lone egg was in this nest.....others came after. But I had to paint that lonely one "Robin's Egg Blue".
And several days ago we were again visited by a Luna Moth. Each year they come....and each year they intrigue me with their design. Very Klimt-ish. They come attracted by the back door light I keep on at night in an attempt to keep deer out of my studio garden and our vegetable garden. It doesn't seem to work. But it does seem to invite the Luna's to our farm. "Night Visitor" is available on my website as is "Robin's Egg Blue".

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tidewater Farm's Summer's Bee Balm

"Summer's Bee Balm", casein , 10 x 10"©2016

This painting will be available at Tidewater Farm's  'A Taste Of Tidewater ' art event to be held on August 20th , 2016 . For more information about the event and the availability of this painting please contact the U.Maine Cooperative Extension  207-781-6099. 
Les and I have been driving our horses. It is that time of year where we get to do what we love....and horses are a big part of it. I won't get much studio time over the next few months, what with gardening and driving....but that's good. I always come back with new ideas and my creative juices flowing. A vacation of sorts to keep my brain working.
But I will be drawing... sketching


"Poppies" , oil , 6 x 6"

My gardens and their bounty have captured my attention of late. I spend hours weeding and thinning plants and yet it seems that the weeds and new sprouts spring up behind my back, as I work my way around each flower bed. Well, it is called Spring ....Isn't it?
Spring poppies are always a favourite of mine to depict. Here are my "Poppies".