Thursday, November 19, 2015

Old Family Relics And New Oil Paintings


"Paint and Patina" , oil , 12 x12"  ©2015
As I get older....and it seems to be happening too quickly these days,.....I find I am cherishing the bits and pieces of our family relics that we have around our small home. And feeling a need to capture some still life paintings , I set up a makeshift shadow box to set up my still life arrangements. Not fancy…..a background cloth to bounce light onto the subject ….and set about doing “Paint and Patina”, depicting two objects that have meaning for me, and hopefully to someone grandmother’s old teapot that age has graced with a lovely patina [ along with old dings and bumps] and my old painting knife that has been with me since my painting days in Italy. Two old well worn objects painted by a rather 'time worn' artist.  This is the first of many still life works.
So I paint.

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