Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A New Flower Casein Painting And Why Studies?


"Zinnias In Jelly Jar", casein and ink, 12 x 9" ©2015
I have been working back and forth with oil paint and casein paint. Each medium makes my " creative brain"  work in a different way. Each has it's own personality and temperament. Each creates its own challenges. Mixing it up keeps me focused on the work at hand. The last of falls zinnias provided a pleasing composition. My caseins provided the color pallete that I wanted. "Zinnias In Jelly Jar" was born. A happy painting to grace someone's wall.
"Yellow Apple Tree"  oil study , 6 x 6"
And then...... Why offer studies you might ask? What are studies? A study, for me, is a small [but not always ] work done in graphite or charcoal, oil or casein, in a quick capture, to see how I might want to approach a larger more detailed work of a certain subject or landscape. Studies are a peek into an artist's thought process, a closer look at what makes them excited and what moves their muse. I have found that many collectors like to collect these very personal unfinished works , rather than the actual finished paintings, and so I am offering them at a very reasonable a special collection here on my website. They are offered unframed, no frills attached ....I hope you will find something there that will "excite" you......  in my Drawings and Painted Studies collection.
Here is a sampling...........

 "Study Of The Grays" , charcoal, 12 x 18" ©2015
"Birch Study" , oil on gessobord, 6 x 6" ©2015
 There are others....please check them out......I would love to help you start your collection of my work.
And so I paint..............


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