Thursday, November 19, 2015

Woman's Work


"Woman's Work" , casein on paper , 9 x 12"  ©2015

There's the putting to....and the unhitching. Driving draft horses is a lot of work. I admire the women who choose to do that for a living, or even for pleasure. It is not as easy as it all looks. "Woman's Work" is available.
This new painting is done in casein , and the design is simplified. 'Less is more' in my book.

The ordeal of readying the farm for winter is on going. Having only 2 horses this winter does ease the job a bit. Our hay is put in , and the stalls are made cozy for the chilled nights we have been having. I am almost done readying the flower gardens. The veggie garden is cleaned and what is left is for the gleaners ..... [the wild animals who forage through our fame and woods.] Our bird feeders are being kept filled, and they are in steady use these days. Mittens and wool caps are at the ready, when needed. They have been put to good use on the mornings of late. Fall is in full swing.....winter not far behind.

I paint in my studio......................

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