Monday, November 26, 2012

With Grace

The Christmas wreath is on the barn.  
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas....well a bit like Christmas. I have hung the wreath on the barn's French yellow door, and have filled the cottages [and the barn's] baskets with greens that I gathered around our farm. A kissing ball, with bright red ribbons, hangs by the front door. All we need now is some snow!!

Prompted by the vision of 'The Nutcracker' ....and ballet dancers...I finished a 12 x 12" casein of a lovely dancer...."With Grace" is available on my website. Other than that and some sketches, I have nothing more to show at this time....but will soon.I do not stay idle for long!! I am longing to paint snow. Bring it on!!!

"With Grace"       Casein on Claybord       12 x 12" 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two Small Casein Paintings & Horses Running

"Equus #1" casein on Claybord   6 x 6"
 Two small casein paintings have been added to my body of work on my website, in the Small Works Collection. There is something about a white horse that thrills me and then add the conformation of a baroque type horse and I HAVE to paint it.......and I was happy to get some time back in the studio,as I seem to be a bit distracted with our new equine boys. But I am sure that this is a good thing!

"Equus #2" casein on Claybord   6 x 6"
Danny and Devon.....acting the fools!!

But what I really need to do is hurry up and catch up!! 
So many paintings to little time!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Maine's Fall Colors And Change

"The Fall Farm"   Oil on gallery wrapped canvas   24 x 48"
 It has been a time of change..... and growth. As the seasons have been changing the colors that surround our Maine farm, Les and I have spent more time with friends, enjoying good times and carriage driving. In between the fun filled days I painted in my studio and worked around the farm. I finished the above oil painting of our farm in fall..... But as the days waned and winter draws near, Les and I arrived at a decision that we sorely missed our driving pair, missed spending time with like minded horse lovers and driving the carriage roads in Acadia. So began our search for a new carriage driving pair....and soon our search lead us to a handsome chestnut Morgan pair who were in Ohio. After anxious days of working out the details ........and the  unsettling distraction of Hurricane Sandy....the Morgan boys are here on our farm. So Cob Cottage Farm has again grown to be home to 4 horses and my days are filled with farm chores and the joy of learning the ins and outs of the new redheaded boys, Danny and Devon.  

Devon and Danny and our first snow fall......
I now find myself spending time watching the new boys as they eat their hay on our newly falling snow or are out grazing in the fields, glowing with the low light of late fall warm  against their auburn coats. I see so many new paintings there.Our older geriatric horses have accepted them. Life goes on.


Last night we had our first snow fall. It started as a wind whipped big flake blanket and we awoke to a  farm covered in white. It was lovely with the freshness that the first snow always brings. I know we are so soon jaded and as the winter drags on, the snow isn't quite as welcome. But this first fall of white brings how my small Japanese Maple's fallen leaves have covered the snow beneath its bows have tinted the wet snow pink and it makes me wonder if the leaves could be used for a dye?  
And how sweet is is to watch twin fawns and their mother eat under our orchard trees.....All from the warmth of our cozy cottage. The snow is melting now with a chilly rain falling.....I think the horses would be happier in their cozy  stalls. Time to head to the barn....and after the horses are warm and dry in their barn, I will head to my is time to paint.