Monday, November 26, 2012

With Grace

The Christmas wreath is on the barn.  
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas....well a bit like Christmas. I have hung the wreath on the barn's French yellow door, and have filled the cottages [and the barn's] baskets with greens that I gathered around our farm. A kissing ball, with bright red ribbons, hangs by the front door. All we need now is some snow!!

Prompted by the vision of 'The Nutcracker' ....and ballet dancers...I finished a 12 x 12" casein of a lovely dancer...."With Grace" is available on my website. Other than that and some sketches, I have nothing more to show at this time....but will soon.I do not stay idle for long!! I am longing to paint snow. Bring it on!!!

"With Grace"       Casein on Claybord       12 x 12" 


Anns Art said...

Your painting is lovely. Hope you get that snow!

Kpeters said...

It is looking like snow this afternoon...gray and wintery day. Would love some white to cover the fields! Thanks Ann!!