Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two Small Casein Paintings & Horses Running

"Equus #1" casein on Claybord   6 x 6"
 Two small casein paintings have been added to my body of work on my website, in the Small Works Collection. There is something about a white horse that thrills me and then add the conformation of a baroque type horse and I HAVE to paint it.......and I was happy to get some time back in the studio,as I seem to be a bit distracted with our new equine boys. But I am sure that this is a good thing!

"Equus #2" casein on Claybord   6 x 6"
Danny and Devon.....acting the fools!!

But what I really need to do is hurry up and catch up!! 
So many paintings to little time!!!!

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