Monday, December 3, 2012

Painting , Still Painting

When it gets too cold for me outside......I am inside.....painting.
It has been very cold of late....and this time of year, I am so grateful for a cozy warm studio where I can work. I may do a landscape or two using my trusty laptop with photos as inspiration...and so here is how I started a small oil on copper substrate using my Guerrilla Thumbox ......getting the feel of painting plein air, but inside and cozy. I know....."cheating!!" of our new boys.....

I have also finished a few new works.....some equine....some not....and some are up on my website ....and some are not yet. I have to admit to being a bit distracted lately with the arrival of the two new Morgan boys to Cob Cottage Farm. And then the decision to get a new carriage for the two new horses....and on and on! 

I was invited back for a second  art show with Colouer Collection in Falmouth, Maine. Their holiday show is open now, and will be having 3 afternoons of "Meet the Artists" on December 7th , 8th and 9th. It is always a fun show in their fab gallery/store!! I also have work hanging with Chisholm Gallery that is now located in Wellington, Florida. I have been represented by Chisholm Gallery for ions.... years...!! It is always a wonderful gallery, with wonderful work ......and a strong equestrian following .I have work with them that is equine and floral...something for everyone!

With that being said....I guess I need to get back to work...pretending I am painting plein air!! Wink Wink....

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