Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Is Done [Almost] And So Are Three Paintings

"Self-Portrait 2012"     Casein on board      6 x 6"        ©2012
The past 2 weeks we have had company has come.... and gone.... and the end of summer is marching by fast paced and on time !! I have picked almost all the veggies from our garden.I have bagged and frozen bags of tomatoes and am eating my fill of sweet tasting juicy fresh tomatoes.How I miss them when winter settles in and we are forced to eat tomatoes from the supermarket that taste so bland compared to our summer's bounty.
In between the farm's daily chores and gardening ...and company....I have done 3 small paintings.......and here they are.


I am so looking forward to a productive creative winter cloistered in my cozy studio ....
and singing my art's song!! 

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