Saturday, August 25, 2012

OIl Painting of Acadia, Done

"Starting The Drive At Acadia"    Oil on copper panel    12 x 12"    Sold

I don't know where the days have gone! I just realized I haven't blogged in 2 weeks!! I have been busy though......I finished the painted I had started at Equidae Gallery for my demonstration on oil painting on copper...and it has been sold.  And I did a self- portrait study in casein on board. Every so often I do a self-portrait as a sort of landmark of the passing of time and maybe of my growth as an artist. .

I am having trouble downloaded images to my blog....I don't know what THAT is about. So let it suffice for now, I am alive, and kicking.....but frustrated with Blogger problems..... and so I am headed outside to "play" in my gardens and maybe paint a bit!!!!. I will deal with my blog posts later!! 


Anns Art said...

Good to know you are okay and selling your paintings... yay. The gallery looks super brilliant and there are some amazing paintings there by the looks. Love your painting of the coach and team of four...can't imagine handling that many in one go for real, but wouldn't half like the chance to have a go. lol.

Kpeters said...

Hi Ann!! has been a very busy few months. But things will slow to a dull roar over the winter months! Let's paint!

Tracey Travis said...

Beautiful painting!