Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Still Studying - After All These Years

"The Cob - Walking Away"  Oil on Canvas  10 x 8"   ©2012

My vegetable garden is in fall mode.My perennial gardens are growing rampant. I have been busy painting and drawing .....and  studying.Yes ,studying. I recently bought several books in my never ending quest to tweak my artwork and stretch as an artist. I strongly feel that if I want to grow as an artist, I need to read and learn from artists past and present.So I study!!

But I have been painting too. The above oil painting is of a Welsh Cob.....our Welsh Cob mare, Victoria. She does NOT like to have her photo taken and dislikes even more having me doing a painting of her. What started as a plein air painting became a studio painting as she decided that she had had enough of me.

And as the days get shorter and the afternoon sun dips lower and lower in the sky I felt the need to paint my last roses blooming in my studio garden. I just finished this 6 x 6" oil on two paintings done recently. I have been drawing too This is good!

 "Last Roses Of Summer"   Oil on copper panel   6 x 6"  ©2012

So what books am I reading now???? "Hensche On Painting" What have I learned? To get OUT OF THE STUDIO.....and paint outside to learn color!!  And I am also reading "Childe Hassam - American Impressionist" So what am I learning there? [It is a big book!] that I need to paint more!!  That being said....I am off to paint!


Anns Art said...

I think your painting of Victoria is wonderful and it shows the movement so well of her walking away. I can almost see her half looking back at you!

martinealison said...

Je suis très heureuse de pouvoir à nouveau admirer votre travail. Je rentre à peine après plusieurs semaines d'absence.
Deux très jolies oeuvres... Victoria ne veut peut-être pas se prêter à la pose mais je pense que vous l'avez parfaitement bien capturée.
Dame Automne a décidé de faire son entrée vite cette année... vous avez eu raison de peindre vos dernières roses... j'aime beaucoup l'éclat de vos couleurs.
Gros bisous à vous.

Jenny Short said...

Your paintings are always beautiful but I understand your need to grow and push beyond your boundaries as an artist. Godo for you. xo Jenny

Kpeters said...

Thanks Ann!! Ah, this IS a view I see VERY often with Victoria!! Her walking away! LOL I think I know it by heart!

Kpeters said...

Martine,Glad you are back from vacation....missed your input!
Have a creative week!

Kpeters said...

Morning Jenny! Yes, studying and stretching...all important!!