Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And The Thunder Rolled

At the end of the rain the sky cleared....what a lovely sight!

It has rained and it has thundered and lightening fell all around. Nell does not like thunderstorms and has followed me around like my shadow, always at my feet, wanting to get into my lap, or better still around my neck. We have spent some bonding closeness for sure. And when we go out for walks now, after all the rain and mugginess the mosquitoes have descended about the farm. They are everywhere, and persistent in their pursuit of blood!! I am an easy victim. They feast on my bounty!! But on an happier note...the fireflies are back!! This is good!! I saw them on our walk to the barn last night, between thunderstorms, and they are a welcome sight! They eat mosquitoes....let the feast begin!!

"The Hammock"   Oil on copper     6 x 6"  copyright 2012

I did get some painting in this week....outside! I packed up my trusty Guerilla thumbox pochade and ventured out into the sunshine and fresh air for some plein air time, and it was just what 'the doctor ordered'....I had started to be feeling a bit stuck in a rut creative wise...and the plein air painting snapped me out of  that rut! And I produced two fun painting to boot. So my advice to all my blog readers who are feeling down or bored with life....plein air paint!! Or as my good friend and plein air mentor always says "Get out and paint"!!!

"View Through The Arbor"  Oil on copper    6 x 6" 

So the new paintings are available on my website......I am glad that I got out and painted.Thanks Renee!!!
 I will  get out and paint more often!!


Anns Art said...

Looks like you have definitely lifted the lid on your creativity with your plein air paintings, they are lovely. Wish we got fireflies here, that must be such an amazing sight.

martinealison said...

Telle une petite luciole vous illuminez mon écran grâce à votre jolie publication et vos merveilleuses peintures...
Des couleurs enchanteresses...
Gros bisous