Monday, May 7, 2012

One More Job Done

"Heading To The Ring"   Oil on copper     12 x 12"      copyright 2012

I started the day with full intentions of starting a new painting....but was waylaid by the brilliant sunshine and the flowers languishing in their flats in the sun-warmed greenhouse. They begged to be moved into the window-boxes  that adorn our cottage. So  I  carried the flats up to deck, where Nell and I enjoyed the beautiful weather, and I succeeding in crossing one job off my long list of To-Do's that dictates my days each spring at Cob Cottage.

The gardens are starting to bloom with new splashes of  color each day. I can loose so much time just walking around looking for new bursts of bloom that herald each season....and this is the season of new growth and promise.

The front raised garden.....bursting with spring promise.

Even the invasive dandelion sings happy yellow beside some pink and yellow tulips and  blue scilla in the front garden.

One painting is done too....a new oil on copper panel of a young rider on her way to the show ring. "Heading To The Ring" is 12 x 12" and ready to frame.
I am working on more oils on copper and getting work together for Equidae Gallery for this summer's Saratoga season. I am so looking forward to Saratoga I need to paint and fit the gardening jobs around my studio work. I love it!!


martinealison said...

Cette dernière peinture est très belle. Ce cheval est sublime avec sa queue tressée. J'aime ses nuances de couleurs.
Gros bisous à vous et merci pour ces belles photos de fleurs.

Kpeters said...

Boun Jour Martine, thank you so for your very generous remarks! This time of year our farm is exciting with flowers.I love it so.