Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Comes.... Fast

"The Yellow Door"        Casein   10 x 10"                copyright 2012

Today the weather is warm,sun-filled and a light breeze blows from the east...a sea breeze we call it. We enjoyed breakfast listening to the spring antics of a flock of turkeys who had decided to feed and display their plumage in our fields.We can often see wildlife from feeding ,playing or crossing our fields,from the comfort of our house or our deck.It is as if we have a view from the tree-tops.The rest of our day has been busy with the start of spring clean,the gardens,the yard,the brush around the field pond.It feels so good to work,with the sun warming one's back, do the dance to spring....with rake and clippers in hand, relishing the day......the weather.
This type of weather is rare for March in Maine. We will take it without complaint. I do feel a bit of guilt for not being in the studio working....but it will pass. Today I will enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

The casein painting of a Cob mare standing against the yellow barn door is done.I am so in love with that red of the bay mare contrasting the yellow of the door.
While working on it though, I came up with another idea…and do want to entertain that with another version of this painting, but done in oil…..but that is another story!  

                                  Now back to the barn....Nell needs to go mousing!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Nellie! You are so cute!

Kpeters said...

Woof Woof!!

Carol Reynolds said...

Such exciting color. Great painting.

Kpeters said...

Hi Carol...Thank you! I think it was the great color that the yellow door promoted that called me to paint it!! "PAINT ME" IT SAID!!