Friday, March 9, 2012

Keeneland Study

"The Paddock Walk"    oil   6 x 8"    copyright 2012

I have been looking through photos for reference material for new paintings. I have just finished [?] this small 6 x8" study in oil of a Keeneland Paddock scene. I was planning on maybe doing it bigger ,and more involved. I love the colors in this. I tried to keep it loose...keep it simple. The oil is giving off a glare now,and so I will get a better shot when things dry a bit. This is done on canvas on board, so it will take longer to dry than my oils on copper panels do. I will probably put it on my website when done.

The studio smells  of oil paint and medium.... so Nell and I took a walk into our fields that are now open, with only snow around the woods line. The sun shines brightly today, with a nippy March wind that is refreshing after a morning in the studio. What a blessing to have this spot to walk in, explore and enjoy. There was so much I saw in this short walk that I want to paint. God willing. So back to the paint.
The Birches In March   copyright 2012

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