Monday, March 5, 2012

The Good Times Revisited

"Taking A Break/Acadia"  Casein    10 x 17"            © 2012

After painting in oil, for a while my sinuses need a I got into my casein paint and finished up a carriage driving scene painting that had been sitting here in my studio for a long time...but never finished. I finally got the urge to actually finish it ....and the above is the finished product. The scene is of two whips, having a conversation during a lunch break when driving on the grassy Rockefeller Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine. Years ago the coaching crowd used to meet at Wildwood Stables each fall to have a vacation of daily coaching drives, with grooms, delicious packed lunches and with full bars .......and with lucky guests invited. At that time I worked as a groom each summer and fall  for Mr and Mrs Stacy Lloyd of Berryville,VA. I loved the coaching group.....and the lovely turned-out  horses and carriages....and it is no secret that I love to paint carriage driving images. This 'now finished' painting can be added to my portfolio of driving paintings and will be added to my website.
I have so many wonderful memories of those years....and I will try to make a point of telling some of the fun stories about those years... not today. But soon.
Today it is snowing again.....isn't spring supposed to happen some day soon?


Anns Art said...

What a great painting, love it. You've captured such a great moment in time, I can almost 'feel' the horses as they obey the driver, but fidget a little whilst waiting...gorgeous scene. I can't imagine driving a four in hand though, I drove a pair last summer (briefly) that was enough for passion was single turnout. Look forward to seeing more of your paintings....ann.

Kpeters said...

Thanks Ann,The memories of this time are still fresh in my mind.They were fun times. I love to paint them. I will be doing more.