Monday, September 19, 2011

What Artists Do When They Aren't Painting

Paintings all over the studio!
I am lining up my artworks that are going to be shipped.....some sold...some to a Gallery show that opens in a few weeks in Lexington,KY. My artist friend, Renee Lammers came over yesterday to help take photos of me for an upcoming magazine article about me,my art work and my stroke recovery. The above photo is one she took of my cluttered studio! We had a lot of laughs trying to get good shots of studio,my Nellie!! Nell kept playing dead in my funny!!! I think she thought she was being smart!

Silly Nell
I have had some studio time.The mixed media work,of my last blog's post,  of the hunterjumper is almost done. But I imagine a lot of my time over this week will be taken up with packing and shipping.In between that.... and barn chores......I will get into the paint! I am feeling like maybe it is time to get some out side painting...plein air....!! I hope! 


Jenny Schouten Short said...

Love the Silly Nell photo with your dog. Good photos. xo Jenny

Kpeters said...

Thanks Jenny....seems the faster I go lately, the behinder I get!! LOL!!