Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Team Work-New Watercolor

"Team Work"       Watercolor on board        12 x 20"  

They work up at Acadia,this handsome pair, pulling the carriages that folks take to enjoy another experience,another view of Rockefeller's miles of carriage roads on Mount Dessert Island. This is the way Mr. Rockefeller wanted us to experience the carriage roads in Acadia National Park......not speeding along on bikes, not seeing the views that open up through the trees,displaying the ocean and islands that surround Mount Dessert...not seeing the moss that grows on rock,not smelling the cedar and fir that stand sentinel on the roadways. A slower time...a more gentle time...try it if you go there. You won't be disappointed....I assure you. Everytime I get a chance to drive the carriage roads behind a good pair of driving horses [or even in a cart with one horse in draft] I revel in the moment. I think I am due for an Acadia fix!
This watercolor, started a bit finally finished."Team Work" is 12 x 20" and ready to be framed.Now onto the next painting......

But I am taking time to enjoy the last of summer's gardens are in that leggy out of control stage they always seem to get at summer's end. It is a bit sad...but soon the brilliant fall colors will be surrounding our farm...the view from our deck. To everything there is a season!!!

My Morning Glories....a delight every morning!


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

We have some of the lighter morning glories at our place and I just love them!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I was there years ago and had a wonderful time. I can imagine that seeing that beautiful place from a carriage would be most amazing. Gorgeous painting!

Kpeters said...

Thank you Jennifer,I love painting these big guys.....and Acadia is always a pleasure to visit!!