Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Crow

"Crow #3-I Drink Diet"     casein on board        6 x 6"

Another summer week has flown by.I hear the crickets singing their adieu to their summer life....their ode to fall.When time allows I have been in the studio,painting and framing works for the October 7th show opeining in Lexington,Ky's Gallery B. The above work is another casein chaulked up for my crow series.[ "Crow #3-I Drink Diet" ] I am having fun with these.This is available on my website.Shipped for free within the USA!


sue said...

We have a lot of these in England this year - they love to sit on our car and peck at it. I think because its black they see their reflections .... but it isn't doing the paintwork a lot of good

Lovely painting!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

He's wonderful!!! We've been getting chilly weather here...very unexpected too. Here comes fall!!

Kpeters said...

Thanks, Sue,I find the crow a interesting subject...and I will be painting more of them!... pushing the envelope a bit with each one.

Kpeters said...

HI Kim....thanks! I think I captured him!! and I am gearing up for fall.Lots to do!