Monday, September 12, 2011

Hard To Get Good Help

Studio helper.

As the days pass, and yes, they are shorter now, I have gathered up my work to pack and send down to Gallery B's 2-person show I am in, for the opening date of Oct Lexington,KY. The latest watercolor that I finished, needs to be taken to my framer to be framed and I still need to frame a few small works that I will frame myself. Nellie helps me in the studio...and checks out each painting to make sure that it is tagged and signed! I would be lost without her!

I am almost done a 12 x 12" mixed media are two shots of the work as it is in progress. I am playing with a new approach to what will be a series...I am sure. This is done on Ampersand Clay Board and I am loving this substrate!

Getting the drawing  right.........

Almost done the drawing and then going in with the paint......

Back to the drawing board.....I will post the finished work very soon. I am in with the paint already as my studio help sleeps....getting her beauty sleep!

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