Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Painting With Casein While Juggling

"Storm Brewing"  Still in Progress   Casein on Board         12 x 12"

Lately I have been working on paintings from photos from my last year's trip to Lexington,KY. I have a life's worth of subject matter filed, ready to be painted. I am sure I won't get them all done in my life time, but I will have fun trying! The above painting is almost done....I think it needs a bit of a tweak...and will get it done today. Then "Storm Brewing" will be up on my website. Remember all work bought from my studio is shipped free in the USA....even if it is don't hesitate to buy through easy secure Pay pal.....!!!

My poppies.
The almost summer days are busy now...gardens call.....horses call...sometimes even hubby calls...Kathi,Where is ..???..etc etc!!" I am trying to far so good.
Now to the studio now....


Jenny Schouten Short said...

Enjoy your summer painting! Enjoy your summer. xo Jenny

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I know what you mean about summer. I think the last time I had a lazy summer I was ten years old!!

Kpeters said...

Summer is for enjoying..and here in Maine we LIVE for it. Life is good!!!