Friday, August 6, 2010

Three Bigger Biggers As A Casein Work In Progress

A 30 x 40" canvas

How do I apply my paint?
Well, if it is casein... then this is sort of how I approach a painting. Sometimes I do start with a colored ground, but I am just as likely to start out with a plain old gessoed canvas........ as white as driven snow! I took this photo that I am working with, a few years ago, of horses up at Acadia at Wildwood Stables. A pair and a spare. You can see the photo sitting on the easel, the canvas image is sketched out in charcoal and I have gone in with Payne's Gray and later with Purple to establish my darkest of darks. [ Bare with me now. I am not a my explanations might not be the best! ]

My palette,sort of empty at this point,but this is how I set up.

Then I go with the old middle tone color that I will build on as I go on painting.I often start out my work with Paynes Gray,Terra Verte and Golden Ochre,and Purple.........I do...Don't ask me why....I just do?!! I like to establish my shadows and light's direction from the get go.That helps pull the painting together later. Casein has the most wonderful colors I feel....all earthy and with a lovely matte finish.

A cropped version of the painting.

Design, Design, Design!! I feel the MOST IMPORTANT part of a painting is DESIGN! If the design is bad,...'the composition',... then the entire painting won't work. I cropped the painting in progress here and I think this crop would work as a painting on it's own. In other words...I am happy with my design. So I proceed............

It is coming along here.

The darkest shadows and  the light color notes are in.

Now I leave it alone for 24 hours, to let the casein base colors dry..and I take time to walk the dogs, clean the stalls, feed the man and sleep. Then I will be back at it when I have time.  Hopefully later today.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing how you work! thanks for sharing!!

christine collier-trevino

Kpeters said...

Thanks, Christine....I hope I explain things ok?....
There is more to come....stay tuned!


Linda Shantz said...

Me too! Can't wait to read 'the rest of the story!' :-)