Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Work In New Exhibit & I've Gone To The Dogs

"Riding With"   casein on paper    9 x 12"

HITS, Inc. and Fletcher Gallery are announcing that after several months of public display throughout the  Woodstock community, the HITS-on-the-Hudson Equestrian Art Exhibition will now be on display for a month-long gallery show at Fletcher Gallery located at 40 Mill Hill Road in Woodstock, New York. My casein painting "Riding With" is part of this stellar exhibit.

The HITS-on-the-Hudson Equestrian Art Exhibition features 59 equestrian-themed works of art in various mediums, including painting, photography, and sculpture that will be auctioned in September to raise money for FAMILY of Woodstock, Inc. and the participating artists. The collection is a mix of both existing and newly commissioned pieces created by local and national artists, as well as several estate and period pieces which have been curated by Tom Fletcher specifically for this event.
At the conclusion of the August gallery show, the collection will move to the HITS-on-the-Hudson show grounds in Saugerties where it will be on display for a two-week preview leading up to the grand finale – the Auction on Friday, September 10 that will raise money for FAMILY of Woodstock, Inc. and the participating artists. FAMILY will receive 50% of the proceeds from each piece auctioned, with the other 50% going to the artist. Friday night’s auction is a by-invitation-only event that will kick-off the festivities for the Pfizer Million Weekend at HITS, which will also include another Saugerties first – the $50,000 FEI World Cup Qualifier on Saturday, September 11, followed by the highly anticipated Pfizer $1 Million Grand Prix and John Fogerty live in concert on Sunday, September 12.. This is a grand affair and I am happy that even though I won't be there to enjoy it all...my artwork will be there representing me!

I will be home...doing my thing. Cleaning stalls and waking dogs!..AND painting! I have been working on several new oils on copper.One of the paintings is the two greyhounds below,who belong to an artist friend of mine. They are rescue boys and she loves they to pieces. I love their clean lines,full of grace and movement.But truth be known...those boys are naughty little devils!!
Starting an oil on copper painting
So I am heading down now to the studio...It is a good day for painting.....everyone is sleeping, [THE DOGS,THE AILING HUSBAND] the house is quiet. I am seizing the moment..

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