Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Green

Winter squash fight  for room on the arbor.
Our grape arbor and fire pit.

It is summer and everything is growing...growing fast and green and out of control, around Cob Cottage. Our grape arbor is covered with grapes and the veggie gardens on both side of the arbor are over flowing with tomatoes and cukes.I am fighting a daily battle with our resident deer population ...and barely have time to stop and smell the roses it seems. Where are those lazy crazy days of summer? I know "they" write songs about those days...but "they" must not have horses, gardens, lawn to mow, dogs to walk or deer to chase OR gallery shows to produce art work for!

"The Two Greyhounds"  oil on copper        8 x 10"

This is my latest oil on copper painting. These two rescue Italian Greyhounds belong to an artist friend of mine. The two handsome boys were sitting in front of their frosted window on a cold winter's day during a visit, and I had to take a picture of them that I knew I would paint some day. The painting is done now......just waiting to be varnished. The painting is available through my website.

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