Monday, August 23, 2010

Cowboys and Winter Squash - It's Good To Dream

Casein on canvas-Work In Progress- As it stands now

The days flew by this past week and I didn't get much done on this casein canvas of the three drafts. [A Pair & A Spare] But I did want to show those who are interested in my method, at what point the painting is now .I have done a bit more definition,with lighter lights etc, BUT  the work has a long way to go still.

 I also started two oils on copper panels, a 10 x 10 equine piece and a 10 x 10 garden scene. Working on those two works got me dreaming...dreaming about heading out west to paint cow-ponies and cowboys ...stark western landscapes and bright colors....all while sitting here in green green Maine. Travelling in my head! But it is a dream that I will pursue at some point. You have to have dreams!

My winter squash hanging out in our garden!

The grass keeps growing around our cottage lawns...[needs mowing] and the veggies are growing rampant on the farm! I have winter squash and cukes climbing our garden arbor, vining around my grapes and morning-glories. What a splendid display of the effects of spreading composted horse manure around the gardens!  So I decided to paint my garden's bounty! Last spring these veggies were just a dream. So I hauled old manure and tilled the soil and watered the seeds...and now Voila! Beauty and bounty!
I can just hope that my artwork can yield the same .....and I can get out west and paint those cowboys!!
I have a dream...............

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