Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Long Way To The Barn

This is the path I follow, stepping out of my studio, heading down to the barn. This same path is taken more than several times a day. It is a peaceful path surrounded by my gardens and the woods that lay beyond our lawn. These moments stolen away from my studio always have a way of revitalizing me. And the horses are happier for having seen me! They know it means food when I appear!

I am currently working on two paintings, both in oil, both depicted the same subjects, but each done on different supports. One on canvas on board, and the second on copper panel mounted on birch wood.So here are two painting in progress....the first on canvas.....as it stands now.

  The photos that I have used for reference were provided by Yvonne Kauklija of Coldwellfarm in Stockholm, Sweden. Hard to explain but I met Yvonne through her stallion Sammy Assadhem! and I met him on Facebook!  I want to write more about Yvonne, her lovely farm and wonderful horses and her artistic endeavors, but that will be in another post.The horse appearing in both paintings that I am doing now is 'Shagelle'.  She will be portrayed in my series "Shades Of Gray"

And then ....the painting that is on the copper panel is just  barely started, but the more I paint with oil on the copper panel, the more I like it.The panel seems to emanate an inner glow that is hard to subscribe....and at this point is hard to photograph too! But this is the painting in three stages, so far! The prepared panel, the drawing with ink on the panel and the sky and 'landscape' roughed in and some of the shadow added in a maroon-ish purple.

The copper panel is scuffed and sandpapered after being mounted onto a birch panel.

I have drawn the subject onto the copper panel

I have started painting now on the copper!!

I am so happy that fellow artist, and friend, Renee Lammers turned me onto this metal painting support. Renee has been painting on copper for quite a while and teaches it too. I know this is a sort of big undertaking, a painting of this size... but I am up to the challenge...and I am always happy to try a path less taken!!

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference." Robert Frost
I take the same path, the same 'road' to and from my studio, to our barn each day, many times. I think it is time for me to try another road for a change....while wondering if it will make a difference!


Susan Renee Lammers said...

Your path is amazing! I really liked how you wrote about painting on the copper. I find it easiest to take a photo of copper on a cloudy day outside with the painting on an easel. I can't wait to see the finished results. I love how you wrapped the copper around the wood. You must show me how to do this! Very exciting!

Kpeters said...

Yes,Renee, I wanted to take a photo of the painting today, but it was raining and the painting is heavy.So shot it from the easel in the studio.....not the best but it will do!
You got me going on this whole copper support thingy!
Thank you!