Monday, May 24, 2010

Rearing To Go

"Shades Of Gray #6"  casein on paper         12 x 9"

The past few days were a blur of movement. I have been up and down mid-coast Maine, yet loving it all. What a great time of year to be driving through Maine countryside and coastal roads...and all in the call of duty! Through all this flurry of activity, I have managed to finish a small casein on paper and chalk it up as number 6 in my series of "Shades Of Gray". I am working on some larger works for this series, with some lovely Arabian grays and some Pre grays too! Where my 'Shades of Black' series have been mostly my own two black geldings, the grays seem to be from all over the world. Interesting that new friends I have found on Facebook are willing to let me use their photos of their horses as inspiration. It always intrigues me how small the world has become with the event of the Internet!

Warm weather has descended on Maine.Today feels like August.The horses sleep in their run-out sheds, out of the hot sun . The dogs are sleeping on the living-room floor, trying to catch a cool breeze....and I am headed down to my studio where it stays cool.  I think I am going to really appreciate my downstairs studio this summer!. I am working on the drawing for a new oil painting on copper. This will be fun! I am excited to be doing this. One could say I am 'rearing to go"!


Marie Theron said...

A super addition to the set of shades of gray!

Kpeters said...

Thanks Marie. There are more to come.I have some wonderful white horse 'models' still prompting my muse to explore!