Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Doing Those Self-portraits

I think that artists should do self-portraits every so often. I have blogged about that before. I don't have live models available to work from,  so if I do a self-portrait, I get a cheap model and can get a figurative work done.  I try to get one self-portrait and maybe a still-life into my portfolio on a regular basis.

Over the past two weeks I have done two small acrylics  and one graphite self-portraits. With the acrylics I approached them from a weird angle, and did the same view twice, but with difference crops. 

"Retrospective #1"    acrylic     4 x 4"

" Retrospective #2"       Acrylic        4 x 4"

The graphite is a straight on view, looking strait at the mirror.....but I cropped it so just one side of my face is portrayed. [The' alive' side?] 
So...what do you think? Did I succeed in capturing provocative pieces?

 "Self"    graphite      10 x 3"

It is a very rain day out...and I am only now getting to actually work in the studio...just one of those days!

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