Monday, June 21, 2010

Around the Farm

All our equine kids on the farm are well fed and busy these days, keeping the fields mowed. They complain that it is a full time job....and that I should not bother them this summer, as they are far to busy! Our bay Cob mares are the busiest, for sure!

This afternoon I took a walk out to the pond to snap some photos of our pond-lilies that are in bloom.The sun was too bright to get the true color of the lilies, but I so want to paint them and I am thinking this HAS to be done in oil and on copper! It won't be plein air, but close to!!

And then, as I walked back from the pond and the fields, I  saw the hydrangea in full blossom, a delicate blue and begging to be photographed...and should be painted! I know these are not horses, but I just have this need to try everything on copper and in oil!

 But I have been painting too....between the walks....

 "Pokey Pembroke"           5x7"              oil on copper

Today I finished this small oil on copper of our Corgi...this will be added to my website and is available.In the meantime I need to get some caseins done for the September show at Gallery B ,in Lexington, KY. So it is back to the studio for me!


Bobbye said...

Where's the landscape of Acadia you said you finished?

Kpeters said... another post I will show stay tuned!! It is only 5 x 7" too! But it is on canvas on board, not on copper!


sue said...

Having a bay cobby mare myself I know exactly what you mean .... they hardly stop munching to draw breath when the grass is this good!

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Summer is in full bloom at your end of the woods!Nicee nice! My bay mare just needs to look at grass to start looking like a barrel :D
Look forward to seeing the lillies;)