Thursday, May 6, 2010

Equine Painting On Copper

Starting the oil with the sketch.

Over the years, I have enjoyed learning to work in new mediums, trying new approaches and learning new skills. I suppose that is why I am enjoying the plein air experience .... but need to keep my eye on my goals....and where I want to go with my artwork.So though I will be trying my hand a plein air on occasion, I will still be painting with my caseins, and watercolors....maybe even a paper-cutting or two. But when I met fellow artist, and now friend, Renee Lammers....and saw her lovely plein air painting on copper, I had to try it...painting with oils on copper. Renee was nice enough to give me a copper panel to try..and try I did. Above is my sketch, with a bit of the painting started before I remembered to photo it for the blog!! The copper panel was easily drawn on with ink magic marker. Great!

So in between working on a commission I am finishing, I went back into the oil painting and started working the magic with oils. The oil on copper certainly gives a different feel than working on canvas or board.There is no drag at all with the paint, which seemed to just slip onto the copper, leaving a bit of copper peeking through, highlighting the scene I was working on. I am liking it. So different from working with casein, which has a drag, a granular pigment throughout the casein emulsion. But I still love my casein!!

"Trot On Cob"    oil on copper       6 x 8"

I am done. One oil on copper under my belt. I don't really know if I am 'hooked' on it...I would paint on copper again...might try a bigger work where I can be more creative. But the truth is that I do like the feel of the oil on copper...and hopefully someone else will like my work on copper too!! 
I am always game to learn something new!


Susan Renee Lammers said...

Hi Kathi! I love your copper painting. I bet you are the first artist to paint a horse on copper! Very well done. I love what you wrote about the copper. I think you did a very fine job on that copper panel I gave you! Now can I have my panel back? Ha Ha Just joking!

Linda Shantz said...

I looks great, Kathi! I figured it would be slick, maybe like masonite panel with shellac. The end result is still definitely 'you' though so I think you pulled it off just fine!

Gaina said...

Beautiful! I always find the feeling of painting onto a smooth surface 'odd', because I like control in my art (a little too much! haha).

I have directed a friend of mine to your blog because she paints horses too and I'm sure she will love your work. She's in the process of painting a near-as-darn-it life sized Gypsy 'Vanner' horse onto a large sheet pinned up in our class room. I am hoping she'll take a photo and put it up on our Degree Show blog because it's exquisite.

Blu said...

Beautiful work, great blog, best wishes Blu, Brittany,France.

Kpeters said...

Thanks started something!
And Linda, thank was harder working small with this medium and support,but still fun!

Kpeters said... followers are always welcome...send them along!

Hi Blu...glad to meet you!