Sunday, May 9, 2010

Time for Relflection, Poetry, and Packing

 Spring On Our Farm

I love the rush of wind through fields,
The secrets that the woodlot yields,
The yellow of the promised leaf
   of birch,of alder, willow, lurch.
The green of grass to green of spruce.
The songs of birds when spring lets loose,
The pond's soft ripple as touched by wind.
The Lilac's purple potential bring.

The barn sits empty during day..
The horses out and far away in fields they eat,
the new spring sprigs of grass so green and soft gray twigs.

I love the gentle change of greens
that spring at our Cob Cottage means.

by me....Kathi Peters!

In the driveway road side stands a lonely yellow tulip..I am not sure how this lone tulip arrived at this place. But I am leaving him there to surprise me each spring.....a bright spot of color against the brown and gray of the spring woods.

In between painting and walking dogs,  ...I have been busy getting works ready for several shows that are opening on the east coast this May. The two painting shown below are headed to New Jersey for the New Jersey Equine Artists' Association's National Juried Exhibition "Art of the Horse, 2010".  The show opens at the Somerset Art Association in Bedminster, NJ  on Thursday, May 20th and will run through Sunday June 20th.

 "Shades Of Black#9"     and   "First Snow- Revisited"

Then I have my casein "Riding With" juried into the HIT-on the Hudson Equestrian Art Exhibition  and Charity Auction.This is a three part event running from Memorial Day until September 10th, when the works of art from the exhibit will be auctioned off at an evening gala.

 "Riding With"    casein on paper    9 x 12"

Closer to home, my painting "I Can Do It Myself" will be in the show opening at "The "Festival Of Art " held at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast, Maine opening May 14th. This is a fun show with works from Maine artists all over age 50.!! I qualify!!
You know, it takes an organized person to keep all the information and paperwork together, filled out, and paintings shipped on time to the different venues. I am flying by the seat of my pants in this part of "The Life of An Artist". I am not organized for the most part!.....but I can paint...and I find I can STILL write poetry!! Enjoy!


Sandy ~~~ said...

Love "Riding With" Kathi...enjoy your blog and your FB entries. I will link your blog to mine tomorrow so all my friends can enjoy your work!

sue said...

Wow, you are one busy lady :o)

Congrats and good luck with all your shows/exhibitions - your work is beautiful

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Kathi I never knew you could write such nice poetry. A really nice piece. Congrats on having to pack and ship so much can only mean sales and acceptance.

Kpeters said...

Thanks Sandy ....tell everyone about my blog!!! ;-)The more the merrier!

Kpeters said...

Sheona, I have been writing poetry for years...but after the stroke just writing my thoughts was hard enough.....! Now I am back writing again.It feels good!
and thank you!