Monday, December 7, 2009

Pony and Snow Revisited

This is an 8 x 10" mixed media painting on board that I have done before in casein, but felt a need to "revisit"again as a mixed media. This time I used casein, acrylic and ink to get the effect that I was looking for.This winter painting is available on my website.

'Frolic" the pony in this work, came into our lives when we lived in North Pownal. At the point we had 6 horses and Frolic became our granddaughter's first pony. He was a great guy...very well behaved and knew how to take care of a new rider. But not only did he know riders, he was a great driving pony who once was part of a handsome pair. A handsome Welsh pony....the kind that every little girl dreams of and for a while he was part of our Jackie's life.


Marie Theron said...

A lovely rendering of this very gentle and playful pony, Kathi!

Best Horse Gifts said...

I just love this painting, Kathi. Wish I had the money to buy it. maybe someone
I know will and I can admire it or inherit it. ;) Tis the season to wish, right?

Kpeters said...

Thank you, Marie, It brings back memories of a very special pony.He touched a lot of little girl's hearts....and hopefully this painting will touch some hearts of some 'once were' girls and their memories of a pony from their past.


Kpeters said...

DD, Thanks.....tell Santa that this is what you want!!!LOL