Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Only in Maine? or Merry Christmas!

This photo was taken down the road from us. I have seen the folks at this certain old farm cleaning out their big beautiful red barn ,throwing 'stuff" into a big dumpster to be thrown away. Maybe the house has been sold. Maybe the farm is going to be sold.....I am sure there is a story there. But the neatest part is that they have also created a huge bomb fire pile in the middle of their snow covered field....and surrounding the pile to be burnt, is a selection of chairs, front row center....the best seats in the house!! I can just image enjoying the excitement of the huge fire, sitting in one of those seats, a glass of wine in hand....maybe on Christmas eve?.....or New Years Eve?? Oh what fun! And then at the end of the burn picking up your chair and throwing it onto the heap...leaving only the ashes in the snow of the past...sort of like clearing way for the new year! Hurrah!

I have been in the throws of the Christmas rush....wrapping [still doing that] baking [more to be done tonight] and the arduous chore of shopping and trying to find everyone that special something. And through it all finishing up a couple of portraits that must be ready for Christmas giving. But I wouldn't want it any other way. There are some exciting happenings in the New Year for me and my art work. I will elaborate on it later...........But for now, from me and all of us at Cob Cottage,

May you have a Very Merry Christmas. and please stop for a moment remember the real meaning of this Holiday...the birth of a child, who became our Christ.

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