Sunday, August 23, 2009

Visiting Freeport Visiting Maine

Several months ago I learned that I had received a grant from the Maine Arts Commissions, along with some other members of The Freeport Creative Arts Organization. We were charged with portraying life in Freeport, Maine.

My family and I used to live in Freeport YEARS ago.... then moved to Pownal
, Maine where we lived for over 25 years..raised our sons and started into farming and raising horses there. For several years of those years so long ago.. I belonged to a Freeport art club. I was into tapestry weaving and block printing at that point in my creative endeavors. I wasn't doing a lot of equine art...I just liked to depict animals of any "denomination"!

It has been years now that I have been painting the horse...painting what I love and know so well. As my husband and I got more involved in carriage driving, I also was drawn to depicting the driven horse and carriage turnouts. Today I do do some figurative work...some canine work and an occasional landscape. But it is so true that most artists paint what they love, what fires their artistic flame....and for me that is the horse. SO it was with some hesitation that I took part in the FAC project. My best friend and a fellow FAC member, Karen, pushed me along. I am so glad she got me out of my comfort zone.......

I ended up doing a 4 x 4' casein portraying the Freeport Firemen of the 1930's. It is displayed above..... and in an attempt to honour the Freeport firemen, titled it "Freeport Heroes". Our eldest son is a fireman, one of the first responders in Portland, Maine. He helped me get my information to create the painting.....and I will tell more about that another time.

I just am so honored and exciting about taking part in this MAC adventure!
The reception for "Experiencing Freeport - Showing Our Town Through Art" will be held at The Freeport Village Station in Freeport, Maine on Friday, September 4th from 5-6:30 pm with entertainment and refreshments. I would love to see you there!!!


Jim Puzinas said...

What a great honor to be included in such a fun exhibition! Not only are your ties to the community evident from your blog post, but your skills as an artist are as well. Congratulations! Should be a fun time in Freeport.

Nancy Medina said...

Congrats Kathi!

Kpeters said...

Thanks Jim and Nancy...I am looking forward to meeting the other artists and seeing what they came up with!