Friday, August 7, 2009

Second Installment of WIP

This is where I am now, with the 40 x 30" casein of a 3-phase rider who captured my attention last May, when I was down at the Kentucky Horse Park. She was exercising her horse in an arena where many others were also doing the same thing....but for some reason this pair stood out for me. I had to paint them. It is not true that I am fascinated with black horses...the old black stallion syndrome!! But this black showed me purples and reds and blues in his coat. He could be a "Shades of Black" candidate? But this painting is more about his movement, and the landscape and jumps around him. [ See the June 12,2009 blog post titled "Knowing Where I am Going" ]

I have included a gray-scale shot of this work..I often will check my values with a gray-scale image check.I am thinking everything is sort of coming into place okay.I was supposed to be in Saratoga, NY today ,doing a casein painting demonstration at Equidae Gallery in the morning and then going to the champagne reception in the Gallery tonight. So here is a meager attempt to show you what I do when I paint in casein....and this evening I will raise a glass of wine to the gallery and all the fellow artists with works hanging in the show.Wish I could be there with you all!!

So while the winds whip outside the studio, as the storms blow through this part of Maine, I think I will get back to the task at hand.

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