Monday, August 10, 2009

Dragging Me Out Of The Studio

Sunday was a lovely day weatherize and Les planned that he was going to drag me out of the studio, away from the farm and off to play for a while. It didn't take much convincing, and soon I was packed with cameras and off we went. We stopped in at a farm in West Belfast where they were doing ground driving with Fjords. The demonstration was for beginners...but it was still interesting to different folks handled their first time behind a horse...not on top of one! First they worked them single, and then as pairs. The two geldings they used were more than agreeable and well behaved. I know I got some good shots of them across the fields, with the expanse of landscape surrounding them.
Then we headed into Belfast and the waterfront.

Docked beside the main pier was a lovely old Barquentine Schooner, "Peacemaker". She is a three-masted schooner made of heavy dark wood....built with beautiful tropical hardwoods. What a treat to step on board this fine old ship and imagine what it would be like to set sail with her. After her stay in Belfast, she is headed to Rockland, Maine and then slowly will wend her way back home where she stays through the winter in Savannah, Georgia.

Here I stand 'decked out' in my corgi hat on the Belfast waterfront! So Les did get me out of the the farm.....but "fool him"...I was still working! I managed to get some lovely shots for future paintings. This winter I don't plan on spending a lot of time outside!

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