Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things Are Heating Up In The Studio

Things are really heating up in the studio for me and I can't say that it is my painting!! But I take comfort in knowing that some of my artist friends are feeling the heat too...literally!
On another front, I am feeling the heat of deadlines for new shows opening this fall, and will be blogging more about that later. For now I am thinking I need to start doing plein air painting..someplace cool yet sunny! Where would that be? Here in Morrill, Maine it has been into the mid 90 degrees for at least 4 days now.In our little passive solar home the AC is cranking! The weather is supposed to turn today.....relief! Who says Maine doesn't get hot!!???

My gardens are finally really blooming...perennial and veggie....which keeps the deer happy eating all my efforts. The shot above is my front raised gardens....the deer are eating the flocks.Bad deer!

There are a few new works updated on my website. Take a look...enjoy!
And now, I guess I better get works in the works! And I am heating up!!!


Maree said...

Sorry it's so hot there! I know how you feel, heat does something terrible to me. Would love to see a photo of your studio, if it's not the one in the post (is that your house?) - I used to have a lovely studio before we moved a couple of years ago, now I'm painting in front of the computer!

Kpeters said...

My studio is in the highest part of that house...small and cozy. I will look for some shots of it...or shoot some FYI.

Deana Fleenor Photography said...

Lovely garden! I understand about the heat where you work as well. We have a 1940's cape cod and my office is in the upstairs portion. It gets so hot up here during the summer sometimes!
Keep up the beautiful work!