Thursday, June 25, 2009

Working Like A Dog

I have been working like a dog lately…. and if that saying was really true, then I would be napping all day long and only getting up to eat or go for walks! At least that is how my two pups live! They have me well trained!
But the truth is that I have been working every day …all day…painting on a project that is a stretch for me. But stretching is good. It helps us develop muscles! And this work also makes me stretch to paint, as the canvas is a BIG 4 foot by 4 foot. I will post the image at a later date and tell you more about it. Let it suffice for the time being, I am working like a dog! My artwork for the Equidae Gallery show [held in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., during summer race season] has arrived at the Gallery. I booked a B&B room for our stay August 6th through the 8th... and am looking forward to some site seeing in Saratoga. This is my first time seeing Saratoga and I have been told it is beautiful. That and horses galore…Heaven!
The casein pictured above is one of the paintings that are going to be hanging at The Equidae Gallery exhibit. It is a 9 x 12”, glassed and double matted. It is one of my favorite ones…It is titled
"I Can Do It Myself". AND.... Doing this big casein canvas painting I am doing now, is in a way proving to myself that I can do it!

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