Monday, June 29, 2009

Could It Be More Gray Out?

There has been a serious lack of sunshine lately. My flowers are wilting...veggies are not growing...and I think we all, at Cob Cottage, are starting to grow mold! Nellie tried to soak up some sun the other day when we did have some rays bathing the farm. But the sun was short lived and now the farm is cloaked in fog and drizzle blankets the fields and woods.

I am still working on the BIG painting, but I am starting some small ones too, because my muse needed a change from big. Every evening I have to dismantle my easel and prop the big painting against the cupboard in my studio, so that we can get through the studio to get to the bedroom. I am thinking my studio was not meant to be housing BIG paintings.

And the first sunny day ....I am headed out to work in the gardens and soak up some rays. Nellie knows when to grab her chances...I was too busy painting on the Big painting!
Live and learn!!!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Love the pic of Nellie...nothing like soaking in each ray.
I will stop singing in the shower in the hope it brings you some more sun;-)

Kpeters said...

We would appreciate that, Sheona....I say that on another gray and foggy day!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Great photo she sure looks like she's enjoying can have some off our hot weather we Scotties aren't used too this :)

Kpeters said...

I know the warm weather will come.It is the sun AND drying weather that we want [need] so we can get hay in for the horses!! So please send us some hay drying weather!!??